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What other services are available from Buckingham Mortgage Services Limited?

  • Tick Mortgages up to 95%

  • Tick Capital Raising

  • Tick Second mortgages, Investment Property Mortgages & second home purchase

  • Tick Re-mortgages and Home Improvements

  • Tick Buy-to-let mortgages

  • Tick Life Assurance Cover

  • Tick Special terms for Directors and Self-Employed

  • Tick Special help for those with Impaired Credit Ratings

Where is your London based office?

Buckingham Mortgage Services is conveniently located near three car parks, close to bus stops and opposite Ealing Broadway station. Our West London offices are approximately ten to twenty minutes by car and by bus from Acton, Chiswick, Richmond, Shepherd’s Bush, Hanwell, Brentford & Fulham.

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Do you only deal with High Street mortgage lenders?

No, we deal with the majority of mortgage lenders, including household names, Banks and Building Societies, but also other 'centralized lenders' and specialists organizations.

By doing so, we can usually offer our clients a much wider choice, and maximize their chances of getting the right mortgage deal for their needs and circumstances. Sometimes we can offer terms that are superior to those obtained direct from the high street lenders. Some of our mortgage products are exclusive and not available directly to the public.

What if I have an unsteady income or have difficulty providing my full earnings?

We can probably still help, provided we can sensibly assess your likely total earnings, and that we can see evidence of affordability etc.

What if I have been turned down by a lender already?

That is where our expertise as Independent mortgage advisors may really count! We have a very wide range of lenders and depending on your credit history, and affordability, we may still be able to get you the mortgage you need. Lenders requirements vary greatly and we would try to "match you up" with the right lender.

Am I better of with a Fixed Rate Mortgage or would a Tracker mortgage or a Discount mortgage suit best?

It depends upon your circumstances and preferences, as well as the prevailing terms on offer from lenders. We will help you decide by offering you as wide a choice as possible and will also help explain the technical features of different schemes and the pro's and con's.

This is another way that we can be invaluable to you at such an important time of your life.

Want to discuss your mortgage requirements in more detail?

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What special advantages can you offer me?

We will help you compare the following:- the interest rate, the product fees, redemption terms, scheme period, other charges such as a higher lending charge, lending criteria, e.g. Maximum and minimum loans, percentage of advance that can be granted, ages of applicants,length of mortgage, income multiples, re-finance facilities, valuation charges (if applicable), opportunities for over-payments, employment requirements, loan types, lending areas, credit history requirements, portability, legal costs, closing dates for mortgage schemes, types of property that the lender will lend on – and the types of property that the lender will not lend on!

Will you save me money?

In many cases, yes. Naturally, it varies with what is available on the market but we will often have access to schemes that are not available directly to the public and many of these are cheaper. Also we can help you save money, indirectly, by helping you weigh up the pros and cons of different mortgage schemes and thereby select the scheme that is most likely to be suitable for you and your family and the most cost effective in your situation.

To do this, we ask you many questions, and then analyse your situation and compare your circumstances and requirements with criteria and terms of various schemes available to us. In some cases, we will carry out an analysis of the best value schemes from several thousand alternatives! This will include building societies, banks, mortgage packagers and insurance companies etc.

Couldn't I do all this myself?

Maybe you could, but we will often have access to a much wider range of schemes. Also, we are professionals and deal with the market on a day to day basis. We are experienced, we are qualified and we are well connected.

It would be very difficult for you to have anywhere near such a wide choice if you did it yourself. And if you could match our service, please bear in mind that this can be considerably time-consuming. Why not relax and leave this with us professionals!! And, do remember that in most cases, our services will not cost you a penny!

What sort of mortgage will be best for me?

That depends on your circumstances, both financially and socially. When we complete a mortgage fact find with you we will gather quite a lot of information on your financial situation and this will have a bearing on what type of scheme could be suitable for you. However, in addition to that, we will chat to you about your preferences and your future plans.

For example, if you are looking for longer term financial security and/or you are very cautious or on a very tight family budget, then a fixed rate may appeal to you more.

If, on the other hand you do not need to be so cautious, and, moreover, if you feel that base rates are likely to fall then you may prefer a tracker rate. For some clients, especially if they are not likely to keep their mortgage for long, a different type of mortgage with nil or no penalties may be more appealing.

Some people like the best of both worlds, in which case a capped mortgage may be just right for them. We will help you come to these decisions and we also help explain the advantages and disadvantages together with examples of what your current and your future monthly mortgage payments could be etc under different mortgage schemes etc.

More FAQ's to follow soon!

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.

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