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+44 (0)208 567 5246

+44 (0)208 567 5246


Expert advice from one of London's most qualified and experienced independent mortgage brokers and financial advisors...

Buckingham Mortgage Services Ltd have always taken a great pride in the impartial mortgage service we offer our customers. We will help you:

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Compare your mortgage options…

We’ll help you compare different mortgage deals. Our clear comparison charts can show you just how much you can cut your mortgage outlay – an especially beneficial service for first-time home buyers facing the mortgage minefield for the first time, or those seeking to maximise the potential of the equity on existing properties(s).

Choice of products...

We believe that most borrowers do prefer to be given a choice and invariably appreciate our guidance on comparing the different lenders and products etc. We take your preferences and risk factors into account and we issue a "suitability letter" to summarise why the selected product appears to be a suitable one for you in today's market.

Truly independent mortgage advice…

West London-based Buckingham Mortgages is not tied to any lender nor any insurer nor any other professional practice. This means that we can offer you an exceptionally wide range of products and services, without any bias. In addition, our membership of certain organisations, our agency arrangements and our volume of business levels, does give us access to certain exclusive and sometimes enhanced, mortgage products.

We regularly review the mortgage market – in line with market conditions to enable appropriate advice and information to be given. However, in certain circumstances, where a limited range or a single product only is recommended (e.g. because of the nature of your inquiry and/ or due to particular considerations) we will explain to you the reasons for doing so.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.

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